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The 2014-2015 University Club Board

The principal responsible body of the University Club is its Board, all of whom must be University Club members.

The 2014-15 Board consists of twelve (12) representative members and a number, determined by the Board as believed necessary, of at-large members. All Board members must be University Club members in good standing.  The representative members shall be made up of one (1) representative from each of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; Arts and Sciences; Education; Engineering, Architecture, and Technology; Human Sciences; Spears School of Business; Center for Veterinary Health Sciences; Edmon Low Library; President’s Office; OSU Emeritus Faculty; OSU Full-time or Emeritus Staff; and OSU Alumni Association. Board members, other than those in the presidential succession, serve staggered two-year terms.

Anne Weinert Veenstra (President), At-Large (2014-2016)
Jorge Atiles (President Elect), At-Large (2016-2017)
Jeff Simpson (Vice-President), At-Large (2014-2016)
Christine Ormsbee (Treasurer), At-Large (2014-2016)
Mary Larson (Secretary/Historian), Edmon Low Library (2014-2016)
Damona Doye, CASNR (2014-2016)
Tom Jordan , Emeritus (2013-2015)
Tom Royer, At-Large (2013-2016)
William Jaco, Arts & Sciences (2015-2017)
Ben Goh, Human Sciences (2015-2017) 
Gouranga Banik, Engineering, Architecture, and Technology (2016-2018)
Jeremy Bennett, Alumni (2016-2018)
Owen Parker, Spears School of Business (2016-2018)